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Town of Hardenburgh
Agendas for Town Board Meetings

Agenda for Special Tentative Budget Hearing & Regular Town Board Meeting
November 10, 2022 7:00 PM
Town Hall, 51 Rider Hollow Road, Arkville, NY 12406

Supervisor requests a moment of silence for the passing of Miriam Stone. Miriam and her husband "Sandy" were residents of the Beaverkill Valley for many years.

Correction of Minutes of Regular & Special Board Meeting of October 13, 2022 - Audit invoices.

7:30 Open the Public Hearing on the budget - Reading of the Supervisor's 2023 Budget Message Discussions on the budget. - close Hearing AND hopefully pass the Preliminary Budget to the Final Budget.


As we know, the inflation rate is above 8% this year. Gasoline, diesel fuel, and heating fuels are far above 8%. We use Kero for some of our heating needs and Winter Mix for our trucks. Yesterday Kero was approaching seven (7) dollars per gallon. This and all the ancillary costs to operate our two (2) Highway Garages has caused a dilemma for our 2023 Budget. We have done our best to weigh the needs to operate our Town Governmental requirements and to also lessen the pain to our Taxpayers. I can see having to use some of our accrued Fund Balance to fill the shortfall due to these inflationary times during the 2023 budget year.

HIGHWAY: Report from Highway Foreman Kyle Brewer. - New truck update - Have done spot paving on the Millbrook side. Prep for winter.

RISING COMMUNITY RECONSTRUCTION PROGRAM: Communications with Bill B. regarding the deposit of funds in that Acct.


Town Clerk's October Report - Ck. for $_________


A. CWC - monthly report for September - Sepic re-habs, loans, etc.

B. Town Board Calendar.

C. A copy of Tom Delehanty's resignation as Town Clerk.

D. From UC Comptroller's Office - Sales Tax History - There was negative growth in 2009 due to the banking scandal and in 2013, not sure why.

JUSTICE: No action for September


At this time the Board will receive comments and questions from Community Members and Taxpayers regarding pertinent Town Business not to exceed three (3) minutes in duration. Public Hearings: The Board will hear Community Members and Taxpayers regarding the subject matter of the Public Hearing not to exceed five (5) minutes in duration. The Board reserves the right to request input from the Gallery at any time during the duration of the Meeting. All other individuals may submit written questions and/or comments via USPS or email to the Supervisor. If necessary, a meeting with the appropriate Administrators will be scheduled.

Will be requesting our current insurance representative to present at 7:30 for a look at next year's cost.

Next meeting - Dec. 8th - Regular Monthly Meeting