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Town of Hardenburgh
Agendas for Town Board Meetings

Agendas for Regular Meeting (January 6) and Organizational Meeting (January 12)


January 6, 2022 7:00 PM
Town Hall, 51 Rider Hollow Road, Arkville, NY 12406

Correct Dec. 14th Regular Meeting Minutes & End of Year Dec. 28th Special Meeting Minutes -
Audit Monthly Invoices

HIGHWAY - Kyle - Hy discussion - Easy December on deicing materials & equipment

COM RISING - A) Bill Blankenship to come to us to try to close-out all Community Rising Projects.

A) Monthly TC’s report for Dec. $230.
B) 2nd Ck for 129 Alder Creek - Vehicle/Car accident. Ck. for $2,422.82
C) CHIPs monies via electronic transfer - $65,980.49

A) CWC - Various Septic Re-habs etc. as of Dec. 8th
B)& C) UC Election Certifications for Hy. Supt. & Town Supervisor. I have tendered my resignation for Hy. Supt. effective as of January 1st at 00.00.01 hrs.

JUSTICE - No report yet this month.

SPEAK TIME: At this time the Board will receive comments and questions from the floor
regarding pertinent Town business not to exceed three (3) minutes in duration. The Board reserves the right to request input from the gallery at any time during the course of the meeting. - Public Hearings - Individuals will be heard for a duration not to exceed five (5) minutes on issues pertinent to the Hearing. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Next Meeting - February 10th 2022 @ Town Hall @ 7 PM

Be advised: Town Clerk/Collector - Supervisor - Town Justice will have their books audited during the Feb. Meeting

CEO will have his permitting log available for review. (CEO’s books are represented by his end of year report) and will be available for Board review.

I will be advising Justice of his audit which is a multi page Document. of same with requested info via an email


January 12, 2022 7:00 PM
Town Hall, 51 Rider Hollow Road, Arkville, NY 12406

As our Supervisor I am offering this official undertaking for the year. I intend to conduct my portion of our Town's responsibilities in an effective, efficient and productive manner. - JAF

Supervisor moves to accept the following Committee appointments:
1. Highway Committee: Councilperson Shaver and Supervisor Fairbairn;
2. Emergency Preparedness Committee: Councilman Sackel and Supervisor Fairbairn;
3. Building Committee: Councilman Sackel and Supervisor Fairbairn;
4. Refuse Committee: Councilperson Shaver and Supervisor Fairbairn;
5. Administration of Sexual Harassment Policy: Councilperson Shaver and Supervisor Fairbairn;
6. Judicial Oversight Committee: Councilman Sackel and Supervisor Fairbairn;
7. Ethics Committee: Dawn Lipstein, Supervisor Fairbairn and Shawn Lipstein.

Resolution Seconded by_________________
Roll Call Vote:

Supervisor Fairbairn moves by Resolution to accept the following individual appointments:
1. Deputy Supervisors: Councilman Sackel and Councilwoman Shaver;
2. Second Signatory for checks totaling more than $50,000: Councilman Schluter;
3. Animal Control Officer: Theo Martin - salary - $800.00 per year paid annually;
4. Code Enforcement Officer: Karl von Hassel - salary per budget - $5,430 per year
paid monthly;
5. FloodPlain Administrators: CEO Karl von Hassel and Supervisor Fairbairn;
6. Solid Waste Attendant & Refuse Officer: Linda Utter and Deputy Mary Rampe - Rate of pay
$14.75 per hour, paid bi-weekly;
7. Deputy Town Clerk / Tax Collector: No appointee at this time
8. Supervisor's Bookkeeper: A1220.11 Tom Delehanty $9,700.00 per year paid monthly AND
Supervisor’s Bookkeeper: A1220.12; No appointee at this time.
9. Planning Board: for a term of seven (7) years - Looking for volunteers;
Appoint; ______________________ for seven year term, Bill School - Chairman - Yearly
stipend $100. Pd. End of year with a voucher.
10. Zoning Board of Appeals: for a term of three (3) years ; Looking for volunteers; Appoint
______________ Chairperson Debra Storms - Yearly
stipend $100 - Pd. End of year with a voucher
11. Drug and alcohol Coordinators: Highway Foreman Klye Brewer & Town Supervisor
12. Historian: Town Clerk - $17.50 per hour, with a cap of $250.00 per year -
paid upon submission of a time sheet of hours worked with an explanation of tasks

13. Attorney for the Town: Stephanie Whidden Esq.;
14. Budget Officer: Supervisor Jerry Fairbairn, salary $2,500 per year;
15. Assessor: Cindy Hilbert - $9,745.00 per year, paid quarterly;
16. Civil Defense Directors: Supervisor Fairbairn and Councilman Sackel;
17. Assessor Clerk - Thomas Delehanty $15.10 per hour, also authorized to attend
Assessor related training with charge backs of mileage per federal allocation and
food and lodging per Ulster County per diem amounts - payroll: To be paid on
monthly payroll and training costs by voucher;
18. Safety Net Officers - The Town no longer has any responsibility in this matter.
19. Conservation Advisory Council - Three member Board - Jerry Fairbairn - re-appointed for
2023, FYI - going forward info - for 24 Scott Gould & Tom Delehanty for 25.
20. Board of Assessment & Review - Three member Board - Re - Appointment of
Stephanie Seminara has been reappointment 2023 - Lisa Sackel needs
reappointment 2024
21. All hourly pay rates above become effective on the first full pertinent payroll of 2023.

Resolution Seconded by ____________
Roll Call Vote:

Supervisor moves by Resolution to accept the following pay rates.
1. Mileage rate - Federal rate of ___ cents per mile;
2. Town Highway Full Time Employees - (Motor Equipment Operators): Employee raises will be addressed under Highway business in this Regular Meeting portion.
3. Three (3) part-time/summer Highway laborer help if employed - $17.50 per hour, no additional benefits;
4. Board of Assessment Review - $16.50 per hour, inclusive of required training hours
plus mileage to/from training. Board shall meet at Town Hall, 51 Rider Hollow Road,
Arkville NY 12406. The Board shall meet for a period of two (2) hours minimum and
shall be extended, if necessary, to address all complaints. The Meeting date is set
by Town of Hardenburgh enacted Local Law;
5. Building & Maintenance Worker II - $55.00 per hour for up to (2) employees;
6. Housekeeping Services - $20.50 per hour;
7. Registrar of Vital Statistics, Records management Officer, Records Access Clerk -
Additional duties of Town Clerk, $200.00 per year.

Resolution Seconded By __________
Roll Call Vote:

Supervisor moves by Resolution to accept the following General Provisions:
1. Highway Payroll and Highway Superintendent shall be paid every 14 days, ending
Sundays @ 11:59 PM;
2. General Payroll shall be paid bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly;
3. Town Clerk shall have two (2) petty cash funds of $100.00 each;
4. Town Justice shall have a petty cash fund of $100.00 and be authorized a
checking account at a banking facility of his choice: We are without a Justice at this time
and awaiting instructions from the Unified Court System.
5. Regular Town Board Meetings shall be held an the second Thursday of each
month. Special Town Board Meetings shall be convened following pertinent
Town Law;
6. Planning Board Meetings shall be convened the third Wednesday of the month;
7. Zoning Board of Appeals Meetings shall be convened at the discretion of the
Chairperson and as business dictates.
8. The Supervisor’s Health Coverage package was put forth as recorded and adopted as
as written below:
WHEREAS: The previous Resolution 17-7 i.e. the Supervisor’s health needs seems to be
outdated, and
WHEREAS: There is a need to update said Resolution.
BE IT RESOLVED THAT: The Supervisor shall receive a stipend of one half the sum of the yearly
full time NYSHIP allotment for single individual coverage, and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: This stipend shall be used for Medicare Part B and any other
ancillary health and wellness needs of the Supervisor.

Resolution #22-6 Seconded and adopted by Roll call vote

Resolution Seconded by_________
Roll Call Vote:

Supervisor moves by Resolution to allow the Highway Foreman - KLYE BREWER - to authorize equitable overtime for the Highway Employees as he deems necessary to ensure a safe and passable Highway System

Resolution Seconded by ____________
Roll Call vote

Supervisor moves by Resolution to certify the pay rates of elected Town Officials as advertised and reflected in the 2022 Certified Budget per Town Law.

Resolution Seconded by ______________
Roll Call vote

Supervisor moves by Resolution to authorize the Catskill Chronicles Section E as the Town's official publication, and the National Bank and Trust Company of Norwich as the official depository of the Town, with the Bank of New York as Third Party Custodian.

Resolution Seconded by ________________
Roll Call vote

Supervisor moves by Resolution to authorize the following individuals to be the signatory for
checks and transfer monies for their respective banks: Supervisor, Deputy
Supervisors, Town Clerk/Collector and Town Justice. (Second signatory for checks
over the amount of $50,000) - Councilman Schluter

Resolution Seconded by _________________
Roll Call vote

Supervisor moves by Resolution:

WHEREAS there exists an agreement dated January 1, 1988 by and between the the Board of Fire Commissioners of the Beaverkill Valley Fire District and of the Town of Hardenburgh, and

WHEREAS, the aforementioned parties have agreed to renew such an agreement in its entirety for a period of one (1) year beginning January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023 with the same terms and conditions,

BE IT RESOLVED, that pursuant to Section 209-d of General Municipal Law said agreement shall be approved, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the Board Members of the Town shall be authorized to sign the agreement on behalf of the Town. Resolution Seconded by _________ Roll Call vote

Supervisor moves by Resolution to accept all of the Town's policies for the year 2023 that were in effect as of December 31, 2022. Changes in policies shall be formulated as the need arises.

Resolution Seconded by __________
Roll Call vote