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Town of Hardenburgh
Regular Town Board Meeting
May 12, 2022, 7:00 PM
Town Hall, 51 Rider Hollow Road, Arkville, NY 12406

Present:  Supervisor Fairbairn and Councilpersons Fairbairn, Sackel and Shaver.
Also present:Highway Foreman Kyle Brewer, Town Clerk Thomas Delehanty.

Supervisor Fairbairn called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM and Councilman Sackel led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Supervisor Fairbairn moved to correct the minutes of the 4/14 Regular Meeting. Motion seconded by Councilman Fairbairn and passed with all in favor. Supervisor Fairbairn moved to accept the 4/14 minutes as written. Motion seconded by Councilman Fairbairn and passed with all in favor.


Supervisor Fairbairn made a motion to audit the bills, which was seconded by Councilman Fairbairn and passed with all in favor. Supervisor Fairbairn made a motion to accept the bills as audited, which was seconded by Councilman Fairbairn and passed with all in favor. Vouchers approved for payment were #138-161 totaling $31,660.06 in Highway Accounts, $9,650.92 in General Accounts and $2,300.00 in Ambulance District Account.


A. Highway Foreman Kyle Brewer spoke. New hire (replacement). Talking with Peckham about paving.

. Barnhart Bridge discussion. Projected cost $105,000-115,000. Bridge passed inspection, no flags.

C. Resolution to incorporate Ulster County and Federal drug policies into the Town Highway Policy. Ulster County policy contains much extraneous material, only the relevant portions will be added. Hope to have edited Resolution for

D. Work done on siding at 192 Alder Creek Rd.


A. Town Clerk’s Report for March, no revenues.

B. March tax penalties, check for $783.78.


Supervisor moved by Resolution:

WHEREAS: The Towns of Middletown, Halcott and Hardenburgh at the behest of Margaretville Hospital on behalf of Westchester Medical Center Health Network requested from the aforementioned Townships a donation to help defray the cost of their Ambulance Service in the years of 2004 and 2005, and

WHEREAS: The Town of Hardenburgh District #2 formed an Ambulance District as prescribed by Law, and

WHEREAS: The three (3) Townships agreed to a Contract of cost and stipulations beginning in 2006 for a period of five (5) years with Hardenburgh paying $2,100 per year, and

WHEREAS: Said Contract was renewed at the same cost of $2,100 for the next two (2) five year terms running until the expiration date of Dec. 31 2020, and

WHEREAS: Our Town was offered with an incremental raise of $500 per year for the next five Contract years totaling $2,500 which more than doubled our Contract cost which had not changed in fifteen (15) years, and

WHEREAS: Our Town’s increase was 23.8% and the Town of Middletown’s increase was only 2.87% which seemed unfair, so we requested a “face to face” meeting with MMH Executive Director Mark Poha to discuss this inequity, and

WHEREAS: said Director left the employ of MMH without having a signed Contract for Ambulance Service to our Township for the years of 2021 - 2025, and

WHEREAS: This agreement has languished in dispute without reply from any of Westchester Medical Center Health Network’s various departments until this Resolution has been put forth and enacted.

BE IT RESOLVED: The Town of Hardenburgh Town Board agrees to pay an increase of $200.00 for the year 2021 for our right to Ambulance service to District 2 of Hardenburgh, and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED THAT: It is hoped that this disputed Contract can be negotiated between these two (2) entities.

Resolution seconded by Councilman Sackel.

Roll Call Vote:
Councilman John Fairbairn: Yes
Councilman John Sackel : Yes
Councilperson Sherry Shaver Yes
Supervisor Jerry Fairbairn: Yes

Resolution 22-16 adopted.


A. CWC: April septic rehabs, loans etc.

B. NY Government - How are we going to power all the additional electric generating plants, and upgrade the transmission grid, who's going to pay for the in-home charging systems and who’s going to buy our fossil fuel cars, tractors, etc. Discussion. Greene, Delaware and Schoharie Counties have rejected this.

C. NYS 22-23 Budget.

D. UCRRA - Guidance on our C&D.

E. Grievance from Barnett - Other side Shin Creek - Discussion.

F. Unsafe building on Old Baker Rd. Discussion.


No correspondence. Discussion.



Supervisor Fairbairn made a motion to adjourn at 8:18 PM, which was seconded by Councilman Sackel and passed with all in favor.

Next meeting: Regular Meeting, June 9, 7 PM at Town Hall.

Date: May 18, 2022

Thomas Delehanty, Town Clerk